Natural Health Consultations

What Are Natural Health Consultations At Feet First?

natural health consultations

At Feet First, we love our clients and believe people are created by God to do good works. 3 John 1:2 says, Beloved, I pray that you would prosper and be IN HEALTH, even as your soul (mind, will and emotions) prospers. We are meant to be in good health. Most people want to be well but, in general, many aren’t taught how to properly care for our bodies. Unfortunately, the modern western lifestyle, standard American diet, habits, and a lack of education on the body and how it works has robbed many people’s health. At Feet First, we strive to educate clients that their body is precious and needs to be cared for properly to be in health, that at the root it needs proper foundations, that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Many diseases today are a result of wrong eating, toxic buildup, lack of hydration and exercise or negative thoughts in the mind. Not one person is deficient of a pharmaceutical medication, however, many people are deficient in nutrients, sleep, or do not take in enough water to properly hydrate their bodies, all these things can lead to health challenges.

In our natural health consultations, we will walk through the history of your health and habits and look for areas you can improve on. We look at how you can support the body with proper health foundations; like how to get rest, stay hydrated or work to improve elimination and detoxification. We make suggestions or recommendations that the client can choose to implement or not. It’s a journey for each person and good health can take time. Everyone is individual and unique. There are a variety of packages a client can choose from based on time, commitment, desire to learn and implement changes, etc. We strongly desire to help those who want to improve their health and live their life to the fullest and walk out their purpose.

If you are interested in learning more or coming in, check out our service menu on the “Schedule” tab to see what may fit you best or peruse the rest of this website. Most people that are new to Feet First begin with a “starter session” which is a magnesium soak followed by a foot zone and go from there but feel free to start with whatever suits you. We offer something as simple as a 25 minute ionic foot bath detox all the way up to a six month program consisting of Faith, Foundations & Foot Zones. In this program, clients will get weekly personal attention to their health and education with a faith filled mentorship of biblical foundations for those that want to also grow in their spiritual life.

Foundations of good health we focus on will be proper nutrition, sleep, sunshine, emotions, exercise, to name a few. We have packages that are as simple as one session with suggestions and recommendations to improve health to three months to the six month program. Clients can implement or omit any portions but will walk away from the six month – Faith, Foundations, & Foot Zones program with great foundational tools to build on for the rest of their lives.

We believe that next to that salvation of your soul, a healthy body and mind is the most necessary and valuable treasure a person can have. Feet First is a great “First Step” in your wellness journey!