Feet First Foot Spa

Foot Zone Therapy, Foot Bath Detoxes, Magnesium Mineral Soaks & more!

Feet First Foot Spa is about helping people restore their health by building a firm foundation through the feet and utilizing the natural laws of health. The goal at Feet First is to help clients be in health; spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We offer foot zone therapy, foot soaks, foot bath detoxes, personal health consultations, education, and coaching. There’s more to come and we are working on ways to help support you become a better version of you!

Our Services

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Customer Testimonials

"Foot zones have had several benefits for me. The ones that I notice the most are how my body stays aligned and holds chiropractic adjustments longer and the amount of headaches I have has decreased when I get foot zones regularly."


"Kari has helped me both physically and emotionally. Since I have been getting weekly foot zones, the pain in my knee, back and shoulders has decreased greatly!"


"I felt so much better doing the magnesium soaks! I remember how amazing I felt sleeping the whole night after my first soak. Prior to this, I hadn’t slept a full night in over a year! I’ll always continue this."